Is J.J. Abrams’ Choice To Resurrect Palpatine A Good Idea For The Next Star Wars Film?

What does “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” have going for it? Besides amazing promotional art like the one you see above. Well it has the fact that (the former) Emperor Palpatine will be returning as the primary antagonist of the film, as far as we know.

This new trilogy has been a very controversial and divisive one for fans, perhaps garnering more hate than the prequel trilogy did and showing no sense of creativity and direction, with the films seeming to have no correlation with each other rather than the main characters. Now, director and writer of the newest installment, J.J. Abrams is exploring the idea of bringing back the primary antagonist throughout the whole series, Emperor Palpatine.

Is Abrams doing this because it is an amazing creative choice or is he doing this because it will get people in those seats for nostalgia sakes, well according to Abrams it is the former rather than the latter. Abrams is standing his ground with the choice of Palpatine as the primary antagonist in the next film, stating his reasoning that this sequel trilogy always had a direction for story telling and that the series began with Palpatine and most end with Palpatine. He stated that Palpatine was the biggest threat in the prequel trilogy, winning over his adversaries, and then was the biggest threat over the original trilogy being revealed as the master of Darth Vader, and so thus he must return for one last hurrah.

This new trilogy has been plagued with bad story telling and horribly written characters, and the fact that they killed off their big bad (Snoke) in the last film, who was then replaced by Kylo Ren, just for Kylo to no longer be the big bad, proves this. It seems they are trying to jam an entire television series worth of stories into 3 films, and that series doesn’t even have a proper plot. Now, although I personally hated “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and credit it as one of the films behind biggest problems behind modern mainstream movie, I will give Rian Johnson credit for trying to do somethings different and subverting our expectations and plot developments (even if I hated how he did it). Yet, this film created a huge problem for the next installment, leading nothing to be desired for the newest film. Instead, in order to muster up that desire from fans, they have to introduce a character who has been a main stay in the franchise who was previously thought dead. It is somewhat a slap in the face towards Star Wars fans, especially since Disney has gone out and deleted the entirety of the extended universe (also known now as Legends) besides “Star Wars: The Old Republic“, and then they decide to bring Palpatine back just like they did in the extended universe with “Star Wars: Dark Empire”.

It is also insulting knowing now with the recent news that George Lucas had an entire outline for these new films, yet Disney and Kathleen Kennedy decided to forego those outlines and create this monstrosity that is the sequel trilogy, which George Lucas absolutely hating it and even going as far as to call Disney “white slavers” (which is not a good term and us here as Shallow Graves Magazine do not agree with the term used), and Mark Hamill even saying he doesn’t particularly like it and only finds it “ok”. When two of the biggest parts of the franchise express their feelings towards how the series is going now, it really says something.

But tell us what you think. Do you think that Disney is going in the right direction with reviving Palpatine or do you think that this is just a giant plot to fill theater seats? Do you think Disney had a direction for this new trilogy or do you think that they are just somewhat coming up with it as they go? Let us know.

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