Is Henry Cavill Really Marvel’s Choice To Play Wolverine?

At this moment the rumor that Henry Cavill will be taking over the role of Wolverine in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has gone viral, yet there is no factual evidence that this will be happening. But the real question is whether or not fans actual want this.

Once again, this is only a rumor and there is no evidence that Henry Cavill is even in talks with Marvel to star as the fierce Canadian mutant.

After nearly 20 years of Hugh Jackman’s version of the character, are fans really ready for another version to come out and play? Hugh Jackman was perfect as Logan in all aspects, except the height (Hugh Jackman is 6’2″, whereas Wolverine is 5’3″), just as nobody can play Iron Man as well as Robert Downey Jr. no one can play Wolverine like Hugh Jackman, so is it a wise idea to recast the character?

The character had its perfect send off with one of the greatest super hero films of all time, “Logan“, and it seems fans across the world are agreeing with that.

Fans also seem to be taking issue with the fact that Henry Cavill is 6’1″ and would like to see a comic/size accurate version of the character, if they wanted to see another version at all. This is why rumors that actors like Taron Egerton and Daniel Radcliffe may play the man with the metal bones.

But tell us what you think. Do you want to see Henry Cavill play Wolverine? Do you want to see Wolverine at all? Especially in “Captain Marvel 2“? Let us know by leaving comment down below or on our Facebook/Twitter.

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