Interview With “The Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno

Don’t make him angry… because he is sure to smash you. At Wizard World Chicago 2019 we at Shallow Graves Magazine got to interview the man who put “The Incredible Hulk” on the map, Lou Ferrigno.

The man with whose soft voice could blow away a mountain. Lou Ferrigno discusses the state of Marvel now compared to when he took the role of the angry green giant. Telling us about the differences between his generation with “The Incredible Hulk” and now.

Off camera I got to ask Lou the question as to why he believes The Hulk cannot survive alone nowadays, whereas he used to be able to hold his own series. He gave a simple answer, stating:

It was simple back then. It was different.” He then continued, “Everything needs to be bigger now, back then he was a simple yet complex character, not like today. It is all different now.

Check out our interview below:

Pictures By: Amber Heiser

Video By: Matthew Heiser

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