How Robert Pattinson Beat Nicholas Hoult For Batman

So what we know is that Robert Pattinson was flown in from Cannes, France to Los Angeles, California by Warner Bros. for a screen test. Little did Pattinson know he would be giving him the green light as Batman and the keys to the franchise.

During the screen test, Pattinson a previous Batman suit from another film, yet he wasn’t the only one there doing the same thing. Nicholas Hoult, Beast from the X-Men films, also participated in some screen tests to find the next caped crusader. And although his previous engagements in the super hero genre didn’t harm his chances in any way, Pattinson had an advantage on Hoult because he hasn’t been in the super hero spotlight before.

After countless hours deciding who was going to play the big bad bat, it was decided that Pattinson would be taking on the role. Pattinson’s Batman will be in his early to mid-30’s, it will not be an origin story or even an old grizzled bat, like Ben Afflecks, but rather somewhere in between. A Batman who is settled but still trying to figure it all out, find his footing.

Yet, both these men were trying to aim for this version of Batman, so what made Robert Pattinson get it? According to director Matt Reeves, he was looking for very specific things. Like, how did they embody the character? How did their eyes look and act? Did they do anything different from previous people in the role? Well it seems Pattinson really got Reeves attention, because it took less than a week from the screen tests to choose who will become the worlds greatest detective.

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