“HOLLISTON” Premieres Tonight on FEARnet

FEARnets Original New Twisted Comedy “HOLLISTON” Premieres Tonight 10:30 PM EST.

FEARnet’s first original series is a riotous and offbeat buddy comedy starring Adam Green and Joe Lynch as two recent college grads.  Stuck in their hometown of Holliston, MA, they struggle to become big-time horror filmmakers — and to pay their rent.


Episode 1 – The Hooker

Adam agrees to a double-date with his ex-childhood sweetheart, Corri. But he really amps up the awkward by hiring a hooker as his date off  the  bad advice from imaginary friend Oderus Urungus, when he can’t find anyone else willing to go with him.

Episode 2 – Camera Rental

Joe and Adam hire out the company’s camera to fund their horror film  trailer – but the guy they rent it to vanishes! And, Corri and Laura  discover their new apartment is haunted. Guest stars: Bill Moseley, Ray  Wise and Parry Shen.

Episode 3 – Skunked

Hunting for their cat Axl, the boys get skunked. Corri and Laura head  to the corner store for vinegar to help get the stink off but the cops,  leary of their purchase, detain them. Guest stars: Brian Posehn, Derek  Mears and Colton Dunn.

Episode 4 – Candyman

What’s harder than getting Candyman out of your head? Getting the  real Candyman out of your life! Their life turns sour when horror icon  Tony Todd takes Adam and Joe out for a wild night, and decides to move  in with them. Forever. 

Episode 5 – Laura’s Little Twitter

When Laura inadvertently tweets her racy photo, she’s one of the  hottest girls in the “twitterverse” – for the wrong reasons. Joe has  Adam hire a mentally-damaged make-up artist for their movie trailer.

Episode 6 – Weekend of Horrors

Desperately trying to get their movie trailer to a legendary director  at a horror convention, Adam and Joe pretend to be disabled to avoid  paying for a “Gold Pass”. Guest stars: John Landis, Kane Hodder and  Danielle Harris.

Holliston stars Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, Dee Snider, and Oderus Urungus as himself.

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