HBO “Watchmen” Trailer

Tick tock tick tock tick tock… these are the words that rattle through my head as I watch this trailer. Not only are these the words to mark “the end of the world” but they also can stand for me waiting for this show to finally begin.

Embracing the social commentary and dark themes of the original graphic novel, HBO‘s new series, “Watchmen” takes place in an alternate universe where “super heroes” exist and are treated as though they are criminals or outlaws.

The trailer doesn’t lead on much about how the story will play out, causing whoever watches it to ask even more questions. With what seems to be secret cults, cops wearing masks to hide their identities, and an over encumbering feeling of existentialism and self destruction, “Watchmen” sets itself up to not only be better than it’s movie counterpart, but also keep viewers entertained.