Harry Styles In Talks To Play Prince Eric In Upcoming Live Action “The Little Mermaid”

The once member of the band One Direction, Harry Styles, is once again in talks for some film role. With the latest talks of “The Little Mermaid” live action remake potentially having the singer turned actor playing the lead of Prince Eric.

If Harry enters the film, he will be starring opposite of Halle Bailey, who has been cast as Ariel, and Melissa McCarthy, who will be playing the villainous sea witch Ursula.

Casting two singers in the lead roles really shows the that this film will have an emphasis on the music of the film, yet interestingly enough Eric never sang in the original version of the film. So, I guess we will have to wait and see if Harry Styles ends up getting a song specifically written for him.

The original Disney classic is held in such regard as one of the best soundtracks for any Disney film, even winning an Oscar for original song and score. In this new version, the original composer, Alan Menken, will write an entirely new song with lyrics from Lin-Manuel Miranda (known for his work on “Hamilton” and “Mary Poppins Returns“). So maybe that new song will be the one to feature the lead prince.

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