Hailee Steinfeld May Become The New Hawkeye

With Disney + and the launch of all their new Marvel shows, Hawkeye is one of the lucky ones to get a show solely dedicated to him. Somewhat. Jeremy Renner will not be the only main character in the show, he will be joined by none other than actress Hailee Steinfeld.

Now, non-comic book fans may not know this, but Clint Barton is not the only person to take on the persona of Hawkeye. The character to take on the title and pick up those bow and arrows is known as Kate Bishop, and she has been a fan favorite among comic fans ever since her arrival. So Hailee has been offered the role by Disney to take on the new character.

The show, subtley known as “Hawkeye”, is set fpr a fall release in the year 2021 on Disney +. Reportedly it is being written by Johnathon Igla. Supposedly, this show will also leak into the films, with Hailee having the potential of showing up within the main series of films.

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