Google And Their New Generation Of Gaming?

Welcome to what Google calls the new generation of gaming… The Stadia. Google has claimed that this gaming system is better than anything we have ever seen before. Rumors have been circulating for a while now that google has been working on their own video game console, but it was finally unveiled at GDC 2019 during their keynote address, claiming some pretty bold things.

Google has said that their new system is revolutionary and puts everything to shame. Claiming that it will not just be more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One, but more powerful than both of them combined. We have been told that it will run at 10.7 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) teraflops, whereas the PS4 Pro runs at only 4.2 GPU teraflops and the Xbox One runs at 6.0. This is said to make to make the creation of tasking objectives like water physics and manipulation much easier and realistic during gameplay.

Another strong claim is that Google has said their console will be fully cross-platform compatible. Meaning you can play with any of your friends who own other consoles or gaming systems. Google is making this a possibility and saying their reasoning is, you can’t bring in the new generation of platforms without having full cross-platform gaming.

I have to admit, the console seems like it might put other systems to shame. It leaves open possible exclusives and new games that can be developed. Only problem is that supposedly you need a very strong internet connection for most of the features on the system. This can be fixed but will be a troublesome task for some people who own the system.

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