“Ghostbusters: The Video Game” Is Getting A Remaster

Who you gonna call? One of the better video games based on movies. Usually movies based on video games don’t work and vice versa, yet this game was always kind of fun and held the charm of the original movies very carefully.

Written by the late Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd, 10 years ago, this game featured the entire original cast, including side characters as well as the central cast. The game also brings back recognizable enemies and ghosts, such as the librarian woman and fan favorites like Slimer and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.
The remastered version follows the same story as the original game but with way better graphics. The player takes control of an unnamed rookie that has joined the Ghostbusters supernatural pest control unit, but it seems the player has joined at just the wrong time. As soon as the player joins, New York is overrun by ghosts of all different types and sizes. It is then up to the Ghostbusters and their new recruit to get to the bottom of this mystery and capture as many ghosts as they can.
Check out the trailer for the new remastered version of this great game from my childhood:

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