GHOST HUNTERS-Winter Finale~9 Men’s Misery Tonight on SYFY

GHOST HUNTERS-Winter Finale~9 Men’s Misery S9 Ep.22

Tonight at 9/8c on SYFY

The Ghost Hunters travel to Cumberland, R.I., to investigate an old monastery, which is now a public library, and rumored to be haunted.



9 Men’s Misery is a site in current day Cumberland, Rhode Island where nine colonists were tortured by the Narragansett Indian tribe during King Philip’s War. A stone memorial was constructed in 1676 which is believed to be the oldest veterans memorial in the United States.

The site of 9 Men's Misery, Cumberland RI
The site of 9 Men’s Misery, Cumberland RI


The Monastery, Cumberland, RI
The Monastery, Cumberland, RI










As a member of the Cumberland Company of Performing Arts in the 90’s, we performed and took classes in and around the Monastery grounds, sooner or later you heard about the ghostly tales of a monk who has been known to move or close books on people at the library, or the phantom horse rider seen on the back trails, and lastly an apparition of a child that has been seen and heard running in the swamp area and along some of the back trails. During my time there, I unfortunately did not witness any paranormal phenomenon. ~Yvette Kelley

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