Amy Bruny of Rhode Island Ghost Hunters on SyFy

Ghost Hunters’ Amy Bruni Has a Lot Going On

Amy Bruny of Rhode Island Ghost Hunters on SyFy
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During Rhode Island Comic Con, I had the chance to meet up with paranormal investigator and historical researcher Amy Bruni from TAPS and part of the SyFy hit show Ghost Hunters.  I asked her how the weekend was going, and if she had any projects coming up this next year.

Kat: Thank you for giving us a moment of your time. How are you and how’s RICC going for you this weekend?

Amy Bruni: I’m good; thank you very much. The con’s been great and a bit crowded as everybody knows. But I think this is the first really big year it’s had and that there are some growing pains and some hiccups.  It’s not the first con I’ve been to that had people locked outside for a little bit so it’s a good problem to have and I’m sure next year the will have it straightened out.

Kat: How did you get involved with TAPS and Ghost Hunters?

Amy Bruni:  I knew Jay and Grant from ages ago.  I used to work on a paranormal radio show with them; I produced it.  I was also a ghost hunter before that. I had been part of many paranormal teams and have been doing it for over twenty years. So they asked me to come out on the road with them and I said no because I had a very normal project management job and I didn’t want to leave. But, then they were coming out to California by where I lived, so I tried a couple cases with them and then I never went home again. Now it’s like seven years later and I’m still on the road. (Laughs)

Kat: So I know TAPS is out of Rhode Island; Are you a Rhode Islander now too?

Amy Bruni:  I live in Massachusetts, near the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border.  I consider myself a New Englander, but California is home and I go visit quite often. I’m bi-coastal now.

Kat: What are your favorite places to investigate?

Amy Bruni: I love Waverly Hills in Kentucky; it’s definitely worth the trip. It’s one of the places you can investigate, you have to pay, but it’s a big building to upkeep so it makes sense.  It’s really worth the money though. Others I love are the Trans Allegany Asylum. I would love to investigate Graceland but they haven’t let us in there yet, so I hope eventually.

Kat: I happened to be living in Norwich, Connecticut when Ghost Hunters were allowed to go inside the Norwich State Hospital an few years back.  What was it like in there?

Amy Bruni: Oh Norwich is great!  It was amazing inside; it was like a city… it’s huge.  It was connected by a network of tunnels beneath it and they just let us go hog-wild in there. We were there for two nights and I could have spent a week there. It was fantastic, aside from the ghosts, just being able to explore it. When they closed that place, they just shut those doors and then they didn’t touch anything. When you walk in, the desks are still set up and there are papers and everything has just been siting there for decades that way which is just so creepy and I love it. I would love to go back. I know some of the buildings are still there but they are really anti the ghost-hunting thing there. There was a man who came up here earlier and was a caretaker there for a year. He said his main job was keeping people out. And he said it’s near impossible to do. People just want to see it.

Kat: You certainly like to keep yourself busy. What are some of your new endeavors you have planned for 2015?

Amy Bruni:  The biggest thing for me is that I started a company called Strange-Escapes. I’m a huge traveler; I love to travel and I love ghosts so I thought I would put the two things together. I started a company that specializes in weekend paranormal getaways for people. So you get the chance to go to the most haunted places in the United States, spend two or three days there with me and other paranormal celebrities. You get to learn from them, go to lectures and we have entertainment on the first night with a meet and greet and then you actually get to investigate these places.

Kat: What are some of the locations this will be available at?

Amy Bruni: Well, we have one coming up at the Stanley Hotel, and we have another coming up at the Mount Washington in New Hampshire and Manresa Castle in Washington.  I have a few planned and they are on the website. There is a ton of them coming up so I recommend booking early.

Kat: The Stanley Hotel? That place is so iconic, being the hotel in Stephen King’s The Shining. How is it?

Amy Bruni: That place is like our paranormal superbowl. It’s a big one, everyone’s there and we have ten or twelve personality’s there. Grant Wilson will be there, and me and Britt Griffith, Adam Berry… a load of authors and lecturers, I can’t wait. It’s gonna be great.

Kat: I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.  Perhaps I’ll have the chance to cover it. Thank you Amy for your time.

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