“Game of Thrones” Series Finale Predictions

As we grow closer to the ultimate finale for the most popular show on television right now, everyone is wondering who will take the iron throne. Will it be Daenarys Targaryen, mother of dragons? Or will it be Jon Snow, also known as Aegon Targaryen, who has the true claim to the throne but denies it at every turn?

If you haven’t caught up yet SPOILERS:

Although some of this season hasn’t been as interesting or climactic as many people have expected, there is some hope in the fans hearts that this final episode to end all episodes will provide closure for them. With Daenarys’ madness on the rise and Tyrion and Jon worrying for her sanity and ability to rule, the seven kingdoms feel as though they are in more danger than they were when the last Targaryen sat on the iron throne.

So here are my predictions. The episode will start off with a council meeting of some sort, with Daenarys, Greyworm, Tyrion and Jon in attendance. They will not speak up at first until Dany says something they do not like, then Tyrion will argue the contrary in a timid way, because how else would you argue with some one who just burned down entire city. Jon will interject and side with whatever Tyrion is saying, and Daenarys will shut them down. Tyrion will then, after this meeting, pull Jon to the side and discuss the mental state of the newly found queen. This where you will see major tension grow between the queen and her “loyal” subjects.

The true action will have started with Arya arrives to the scene. With so many fans believing that Arya will be the one to kill the mother of dragons I think it would be befitting. In the end I believe that Jon will speak to Arya and realize what he must do, but will first try and speak with his queen and former lover beforehand. His queen will grow infuriated and Greyworm will step in. Greyworm and Jon will battle and Jon will come out the victor. This will infuriate Daenarys who will order Jon killed, she will have her dragon kill Jon, but right before that happens Arya will kill Daenarys. Tyrion will have survived all this miraculously, like he always does, and he will not take the iron throne. No, instead of taking the iron throne he will install some sort of republic or democracy or ruling council in place of the broken monarchy known for its bad rulers.

Now, if Arya is actually dead like so many believe, and it would make sense. The whole white horse thing. Then I believe it will go down this way. The council meeting will still go the same way, but instead of Arya bringing Jon to his senses of what must be done, it will be another one of Daenarys’ actions. Daenarys will do something like burn down Winterfell, for harboring an unloyal warden of the North, Sansa, and this will trigger the climactic battle for the throne. Jon will fight Greyworm, and then win. After defeating Greyworm he will kill his queen and she will fall into his arms. With her last words she will utter “dracarys” and Jon will be burned alive while holding the dying Daenarys in his arms. In both of these scenarios, I see the elimination of the iron throne and ruling council or republic installed in its stead. If that council is installed by Tyrion, I highly do doubt, but would really enjoy.

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