“Game of Thrones” Season 8 Episode 4 Review

Yet another amazing episode for the legendary series of “Game of Thrones”, this episode seemed to lack some excitement off the hype of the last episode, or even the one before that. Although not a bad episode, this episode is better than the first of this season but doesn’t hold up to the last two episodes. It’s also interesting to note that we still see relationships and characters grow within the last couple episodes of the series.


Filled with philosophical and political discussion, this episode is a lot of talking and debating on what/who would be the best for the 7 kingdoms. This episode can be compared to the second episode of this season, but not as exciting and tear jerking. The episode felt a little boring.

Connections between characters grew, with examples like Brienne and Jaime, and relationships became strained, with examples like Daenarys and Jon. This episode was meant to be the recovery of the forces who survived the battle from the last episode, it was very realistic in showing how exhausted they all were and the toll it took on all of them. Seeing who survived brought a smile to my face, with the most notable being Ghost who got his very own close up, which definitely made me smile. But other than that, the episode didn’t have much action or even things to get you excited for the next episode. Instead, the episode was filled with talking. The discussions about to Daenarys and Jon by Tyrion and Vaerys were some of the most important ever spoken in the show. With Tyrion’s loyalty to Daenarys seeming to wane as he analyzes her, potentially, declining mental state. He discusses with the spider on the topics of treason and the possibility of Jon being the better ruler of the realm.

This episode did really well at one other thing than putting my morals in a bind and trying to decide who I want on sit on the iron throne. This episode defined Cersei and Euron Greyjoy as the most hated characters within the entire series. With the death of another of Daenarys’ dragons and Missandei, a hatred unlike, that for any other character, was born. The ending to the episode may have pushed Daenarys over the edge, and that was honestly the most exciting part about this episode, that is the part that makes me want to see the next one.

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