“Game of Thrones” Episode 5: Fall Of A Queen

As much as I try to defend this show and this season… I can’t after this episode. So many problems plagued this episode. Characters motivations were unjustified and their actions often didn’t make sense. Now, there is some upsides to this episode but overall, the episode kind of fell flat for an episode that was supposed to be so influential.

Now, the episode wasn’t all bad. It had an interesting pacing, and amazing cinematography. This amazing cinematography was also backed by amazing acting, but none of that could make the writing for the episode to get any better. It was rather disappointing that even the talent of these great actors couldn’t help this episode.


Let’s get this straight out of the way. Daenarys was the most disappointing part about this whole episode. Her entire slip into madness was to hastily done and made no sense. Now if we saw her progressively grow unstable throughout the season then it would make sense, but we only saw her little inkling of madness begin in the last 10 seconds of the last episode. All of her madness is supposed to make sense, being caused because she has lost so much in such a little time frame and she feels alone; yet, it seemed rather rushed and happened to quickly. Killing off Varys was stupid, even though most of us knew that he would probably be killed for trying to put Jon on the throne, it just had no backing to it and once again felt rushed even in the episode it happened in.

Another character’s actions didn’t make any sense, or should I say characters’. Those characters were the Lannister family. It seems as though the writers just want Tyrion Lannister to keep making stupid choices so that Daenarys will attempt to kill him. And the end of Jaime and Cersei seemed rushed as well. Making them die in the collapse of the Red Keep makes sense, but it just for some reason felt forced.

One interaction that I have been waiting to see for a long time, also didn’t live up to the hype. The Hound versus the Mountain. Although it makes sense in the way it ended like it did, it just wasn’t this epic fight that I was expecting. Seeing the Hound finally achieve his goal and rid the world of that monstrosity was somewhat relieving.

The only characters who seem to be not ruined were the two Starks in the capital and Greyworm. Now, Greyworm was semi-ruined but his actions actually make sense and are justified in how they were executed. Greyworm lost the love of his life to the Lannister’s, so it only makes sense that if he sees his Queen still attacking, then he would keep attacking as well. But the Starks, mostly Arya, were the only redeemable characters. Arya most likely has a new name on her list, that being Daenarys, and seeing her survive the dragons attack does raise some interest for the next episode.

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