“Frozen 2” Official Trailer Review

One of Disney‘s most celebrated princess films, in recent memory, “Frozen 2” kicks it up a notch. Based off the trailer alone, we can see that this film focuses on action and journey rather than the usual Disney love and romance we get.

It seems as though Disney is really pushing to expand upon the fantasy world of this universe. Showing more magic and mystical creatures than the last film, Elsa and her sister embark on an adventure to find the source of Elsa’s strange magical powers. They do this so they can potentially save their kingdom, from what is at this moment an unknown threat.

With the original cast returning, “Frozen 2” is set up to be even bigger and better than it’s previous installment. Seeming to offer those moments that bring you to the edge of your seat with anticipation, this film appears to go all out. With a release date of November 22nd ever approaching, fans are excited to see how far Elsa’s powers can really go.

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