Friday The 13th NES Game Turns Fan Film

And It’s Awesome!!

friday-the-13th-fan-film-1Michael Ramova has released a nice look at his Friday The 13th film based off of the famous NES game! take a look at the trailer below and click here to visit his page and help out!!

My name is Michael Ramova and I have been a filmmaker for over 19 years. Throughout my filmmaking career, I’ve made many fan films that have won the hearts of fans; some even won awards like, for example, my Star Wars: Don’t Go in The Endor Woods for Best Parody. Lucas himself picked it as a winner, which was a great honor. I recently wrapped my first feature film, titled Panteon Woods, a scary thriller shot “cinema verite.” As I go through the distribution phase with my feature, I’m eager to shoot a kick-ass project, but… I’m low on cash. I recently upgraded my equipment and purchased a new camera. So this film and all upcoming projects are going to look better then ever.

This fan film is based on the hit Nintendo/LJN video game from 1989. I’m going to translate the video game to film with real actors, costumes and props! I have a talented composer, Bobby Thompson, already working on the score of the film. He is reviving the original game music and giving it a slick modern touch. Let’s make a cool NES Friday the 13th flick! You with me?