Fox Issues TV Pilot About A Re-enactment of 1985’s “The Goonies”

It seems that Fox has issued a pilot to be made about a group of students and a teacher taking on the impossible task of re-enacting the 1985 coming-of-age film, “The Goonies“.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this series will follow a woman named Stella Cooper, who has decided to return to her hometown after failing to make it in the big city of New York. She becomes a substitute teacher and finds a new calling in life, in the form of helping out three students in their quest to make a shot for shot remake of the film “The Goonies“. The show and the story within are described as being “a love letter to power of cinema, storytelling, and dreams.”

This marks the show as being the eighth pilot order by Fox and the fourth drama series, ultimately showing a substantial push towards original content in the world of reboots and remakes and sequels.

The show also managed to nab Richard Donner, the director and producer of the original film, as the executive producer of the series.

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