Fox-Disney Merger Ends Up Cancelling Co-op Aliens Game

Fox, legendary for their ownership of famous brands such as “Predator“, “RoboCop“, “Terminator“, and the “Aliens” franchise, was recently purchased by Disney causing a new game in pre-production to be cancelled. Titled “Aliens: Hadley’s Hope“, and developed by 3D Realms, the game will now not be finished as the team was told to move onto something else.

Fredrik Schreiber, president of 3D Realms, described the games focus and said it would take place on a planet overrun with multiple Alien Queens which you and your friends can only face in a boss battle after a few successful rounds of PVE (Players vs. Everyone) against her protector hordes.

The game had a huge focus on teamwork and tactics, as well as an emphasis on side missions such as egg hunts and lore related missions.

The game has now been cancelled while in pre-production, with the group moving on, as mentioned before. Hopefully, we will get to see something of the likes show its head at some point in the future, but who knows.

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