Footage Of Neil Young’s “Harvest” Sessions

Young’s Start Of A Brand New Day…

It’s a rare event for older artists to film some of the happenings of their sessions and when it is, decades sometimes pass for those events to see the light of day. In the case of Neil Young‘s classic 1972 album Harvest, some of those magical studio sessions (and barn sessions) have been floating around YouTube for fans to froth at the mouth.

Among the footage are two sessions with his backing band The Stray Gators, one with the London Symphony Orchestra, and another of Young just hanging around at his ranch.

Among the tracks with The Stray Gators, Young performed and recorded them at his ranch in California.


Are You Ready For The Country

The London Symphony Orchestra sessions proved to be a different task as Young performed live in the studio with the orchestra. It’s also interesting to note that there’s a snippet of the song “Harvest” that appears while Neil discusses the recording of “A Man Needs A Maid“.

A Man Needs A Maid

For the last video, it’s a great example of a song in the process of being written. With a banjo in hand and a harmonica around his neck, Young sets the perfect tone for the album opener “Out On The Weekend“.

Out On The Weekend

If these videos do anything, it is to show what goes on behind the scenes of histories most famous albums. Footage also can serve as a glimpse into how a musician creates and shows some of the mistakes and rewrites that the songs can go through. Thankfully, someone behind the scenes was there to film what goes on behind the scenes.