First Look Into “Loki” On Disney+

As we know, Disney and Marvel have been working on some shows relating to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for their new streaming service, Disney+. One of the most anticipated shows on this streaming service is that for the god of mischief, “Loki“.

Writer Michael Waldron has set up to be the showrunner behind Disney’s “Loki” show. The show will be set as a prequel to the events of the MCU, aside from “Captain America: The First Avenger“, and is based in what seems to be the 1970’s.

This all comes from the Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day, in which a photo was released that showed Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, on stage discussing some of Marvel’s new assignments. The picture shows Loki walking down the street, in what most likely is New York City, with a poster promoting “Jaws” in the background, a film from 1975.

As we know, Loki knows how to traverse the 9 realms without the use of the bifrost bridge, so it wouldn’t be far off to say that Loki has been visiting Earth for some time now. There is a theory that the show will not only be based in 1975, but will take Loki throughout times within in Earth’s history, think of it as something like Marvel’s Norse mythology meets “Dr. Who”.

Marvel is keeping most of the information for their new projects secret until the release of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” is released. This mostly likely means that we will get a lot more information regarding these projects when San Diego Comic Con roles around, so stay tuned for that release.

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