First Look At Robert Pattinson’s New Batman Outfit

Director of 2021’s “The Batman“, Matt Reeves, has finally revealed what Robert Pattinson‘s Caped Crusader is going to look like. Sporting a more polygonal armor, reminescient of the Batman: Arkham games, Matt Reeves and Pattinson have the look down for sure, as far as we know.

Video courtesy of Variety:


Set to a dark tone and ominous score, by Michael Giacchino, Pattinson reveals himself in a red room showing this sleek design for a newly crowned Batman, much different than that of Ben Affleck‘s suit, but closer to that of Christian Bale‘s.

The suit has garnered some comparisons to that of Netflix’s “Daredevil”after being revealed. This being because the masks have a somewhat subtle similarity in structure, and of course the red light automatically makes people think Daredevil.

But tell us what you think? Are you excited for this new Batman costume? Do you think it will be the best so far, and if not, what do you think the best Batman suit is? Let us know by leaving a comment down below and/or contacting us at our social media page on Facebook/Twitter.

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