First Look At Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

What Does It All Mean?


At a time when superhero movies are being announced everyday with who is playing who and what we should expect from it, it’s sort of hard to get excited. Luckily, Justice League hasn’t really followed that trend.

I know this can just be my opinion, but there is so little info on what we should expect from what should be an epic film. To add to the mystery a bit, Zack Snyder posted a first look of Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) on his Twitter.

gordonbatman2Even though it is a first look, we still can’t clearly see how Gordon will look. On top of that, what is he doing? Why does he have a folder in his hand? How will Simmons portray the Commissioner? Lastly, how big of a role will Gotham have in all this? Hopefully all will be answered when the Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017. Revisit the trailer below…