Filming On Netflix’s “The Witcher” Has Nearly Wrapped Up Filming

Seemingly, Netflix’s has just about wrapped up on all they need to do while filming their new big drama series. “The Witcher” is said to be Netflix’s new biggest show, that may potentially take on the title that “Game of Thrones” holds right now, due to the series coming to an end. Set to release sometime in the fall, this show is ready to bring the work of Andrzej Sapkowski right off the page.

With scenes filmed in multiple locations including the likes of Hungary, Poland, and Spain. This show looks like it might be a big one. Taking around seven months of shooting, the movie is on schedule, based on what is said by the people working on it.

Charlotte Brandstrom, the director of “The Witcher”, has noted on social media that filming has mostly wrapped up. Aside from a few on location shots that need to be done, most of what has been completed goes into post production. Here we will see the amazing effects of CGI and editing and music be added. And if you have read the books or played any of
CD Projekt Red‘s games, there is a load of effects that need to be added.

Once again, set to release in the fall of 2019, “The Witcher” is set to be one of Netflix’s biggest shows yet.

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