Father John Misty Preaches To The Choir In “Pure Comedy”

What Is Father John Saying That Hasn’t Already Been Said?

I know I’m a little late to the party here, but after hearing all of the hype about Father John Misty‘s new album “Pure Comedy” I figured I would take a listen. Sadly, I was disappointed.

The album has an amazing production quality sounding like a mixture of 70’s Elton John and Arlo Guthrie with a splash of Andrew Bird. Starting off with a bang, the title track “Pure Comedy” sets the stage (both literally and figuratively) for the show that is about to begin. After the next three songs though, the play kind of hits one note. At this point of the show, my nose was more stuffed into the program than it was watching intently at the show in front of me.

The message was clear, but after what felt like 20 songs of “God is dumb, mankind is flawed, everything is dumb” it became very stale very quickly. The message is not new by any means and it’s sad that it still needs repeating, but Pink Floyd made many albums on the flaws of mankind, the complexity of human emotion, and the questioning of religion without the same theme becoming tiring and lack luster. Although the record starts out strong, it soon turns into an endless abyss and not for the better. In fact, it takes almost the whole entire album for any climax to be built with the track “The Memo” and by that point you only have 2 songs left.

I also do not understand why it had to be a double LP and that could be the reason why it felt as though the theme dragged on and on. The whole message could have been summed up with half of the songs in half the time.

I’ll end on a more optimistic note though. Father John Misty is singing to all of us an age old song. We should all love one another. We should work together to build a better world for our generation and the generations to come. Religion does not matter and everyone needs to stop fighting over it or using the words of their prophet(s) to hurt and tear others down. Maybe I’m wrong about all of this though. What if his message is exactly the same as what everyone is feeling? All of this arguing and fighting is pointless in the grand scheme of what we know as life, but what can anyone do about it? Who knows, I might come back to this record at some point and finally “get it“. I’ve been wrong in the past like everyone here on earth. After all, human beings are flawed creatures…

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