Fans Rip Apart WWE’s New Championship

With the ever growing threat of AEW around the corner, WWE really is attempting all they can to keep their fan base from jumping ship to the rival competitor. So in comes the “Softcore Championship” or as it is officially known as the “24/7 Championship”. Introduced by none other than the father of hardcore himself… Mick Foley. Yet, it seems that isn’t good enough for the fans.

With a less than stellar reaction from the crowd, Mick Foley premieres the newest championship to the WWE universe… the 24/7 Championship. But fans seem not to care. With a hideous look and design, you can see that WWE is really trying to throw anything at the wall and hope it sticks.

Just a pale imitation of the Hardcore Championship, this new title will be defended 24/7, allowing anyone and everyone from each brand to challenge for the title wherever and whenever they want. Now, as we have seen on any WWE show recently, WWE is trying to emulate what made them great back in the New-Generation and Attitude Era’s. Perhaps trying to repeat the things that helped them beat their last great competitor WCW. Yet, the problem with this idea of repeating what has already been done, is not the nostalgia of it, but the fact that they aren’t doing it correctly. The Attitude Era was known for its no holds barred ability to do anything, but WWE can’t do that in their new and less enthusiastic PG Era. Putting limits on things, WWE also has ran most of their storylines as of late into the ground, just rehashing something that has already been done rather than giving the fans something new.

So, this new 24/7 Championship is just a cheap version of the fun, zany, and already done, Hardcore Division. Granted, we haven’t seen it in full action yet, but this is an analysis based off the first night it was debuted and the reactions to said debut. WWE really needs to step up their game, or just hope that AEW doesn’t actually have anything planned.

Check out the debut of the new title here below:

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