Evil Dead 2013: Top 5 Reasons It’s A Great Film

Don’t Lose Your Heads Over This One!

The 2013 Evil Dead is one of my ALL TIME favorite horror movies. For me it has the perfect blend of what makes a great movie! Don’t get me wrong…I love all of the Evil Dead films including the Starz original series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, but this film takes all of the great elements and memorable elements from the original films and turned them on its head. Here’s my top 5 on why it’s one of the greatest horror films…

#5 There’s no definite on where and when it takes place!

One of the things that makes a movie timeless is when there’s no definite on what time period the characters are living in. Another great element of Evil Dead in general is that it takes place in the woods with no state or city even being mentioned. Are they in Oregon? Are they in Canada? Nobody knows! These things add a chilling touch of isolation and that these events could have happened to anyone.

#4 The suspense is killing me!

As soon as the deadites come knocking on the victims rotting doors, the roller coaster ride of terror begins. Fede Álvarez kows exactly when to strike when it comes to horror and suspense. Between Mia overcoming her addiction to heroine and Eric first opening the gruesome Necronomicon (or Naturom Demonto if you’re nasty), so much tension becomes built that once the flood gates opened, there was no way to stop it.

#3 Taking memorable scenes and making them seem new again

Everyone remembers the cellar door scenes from Evil Dead, but the work of both Álvarez and Jane Levy brought a whole new life to an iconic scene. Even when Natalie cuts off her arm with the electric carving knife, I still can’t help but cringe when you see her skin barely hanging together before it detaches and falls into the swimming pool of blood.


Lots of horror movies have used blood as their main driving forces (like in Evil Dead 2 when Ash was basically hosed down by liquids of all colors). But the 2013 Evil Dead brought it to a whole new level. Not only was the whole house soaked in blood by the time David brought Mia outside, but Mia‘s heroic ending was, as Slayer would say, raining blood! Plus, how can you forget the scene where Olivia destroys her own face with a mirror shard and then proceeds to stab her friend in the face repeatedly with a syringe. Eric went through so much before being possessed.

#1 The film still respected its predecessors

When Álvarez started directing Evil Dead, he knew you could not replicate but you can still appreciate the films that came before. By adding in the original elements that made the cult classic films memorable, having Ash‘s little cameo at the end, and building upon the already iconic story of the Evil Dead, Álvarez was not looking to destroy or try to top the past and instead brought it forth to a whole new generation.

So how did you like the remake? Was it everything you hoped it would be? TELL US!!!!!!

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