Even Stars From WWE’s NXT Are Trying To Leave For AEW

According to some reports from Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer, many of NXT‘s stars are looking to greener pastures over at AEW. Considered to be in WWE‘s developmental system, which is still a better product than the actual bran, some of these stars would rather jump ship than be ruined by hitting the main roster where writers don’t understand their characters.

We’ve seen many wrestlers that were bred for greatness, be ruined by hitting the main roster. Bayley, Lacy Evans, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Finn flipping Balor, are just some of the people who’s talent was over shined by some crappy writing from backstage.

Well it seems the superstars that want to leave are even counting down the days until their contracts expire, so what did WWE do? They sent Stephanie McMahon in. She reportedly held a meeting with the NXT roster and spoke with them about how amazing the company is. Telling them about how they all get their own brands through WWE and their social media power, and that WWE doesn’t seem to bad does it?

Well the fear of the main roster and how they will be treated on it scares some of these superstars a little to much. With Dean Ambrose heading out and becoming Jon Moxley in AEW, his post-WWE interviews show that WWE may not be the end all be all of sports entertainment. And even though they all work under Triple H rather than Vince McMahon, they all admit that Vince McMahon is the problem with WWE, with even Jon Moxley admitting it.

So will we see a herd of WWE’s best talents leave the number one brand in sports entertainment for a possibly better brand? Much like Jon Moxley, or Tye Dillenger (who is now Shawn Spears). I guess we will have to sit and wait on that one.

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