Emilia Clarke Says Tonight’s Episode Will Be Bigger Than Ever (NO SPOILERS)

As people may know by now, “Game of Thrones” is on their second to last episode. With next Sunday being the final episode to the legendary HBO show. Everyone is talking about what may or may not happen in this show, to the point where even the actors can’t hold in their excitement.

The mother of dragons herself, Emilia Clarke (Daenarys Targaryen), states, you show watch this episode on the biggest screen you can find. Saying that this episode will blow away your expectations and be the biggest and best episode to the show yet.

Without spoilers, the trailer for the episode even shows that it will be the biggest one yet, even blowing away the last great battle episode. Daenarys is at the peak interest for her character and this episode may or may not decide the fate of the supposed “true queen of Westeros”.

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