Dragon Ball Z Controversial Audio Leaks

Dragon Ball Z” is among one of the most famous anime in the world, yet it is not untouchable when it comes to controversy. Recently trending on Twitter as number, fans who decided to investigate were treated to a surprise that they didn’t suspect. This surprise came in the form of audio leaks with the cast as they are recording lines and saying some pretty offensive and risque things.

These audio clips feature the cast recording, what can be seen as, offensive dialogue that includes sex, incest, rape, and homophobic slurs. These clips have actually split fans down the middle, with some finding them funny and others finding them outrageous.

The most controversial clip comes from Sean Schemmel, the voice of Goku, who in one audio clip was calling Gohan a homophobic slur over and over again.

This controversy also has brought up other controversial alongside, most notable being the Vic Mignogna sexual harassment incident that happen in February. Vic Mignogna, who was the voice of Broly and Hercule in the Dragon Ball series, was accused of sexual harrassment. This accusation led to the dismissal of Vic from Funimation after he declared the charges set against him were false. That event also led to Vic’s dismissal from other companies including Rooster Teeth.

Due to this event and the most recent controversy, fans are wondering what the animation company will do. The company has not spoken out about what they will do yet, and this comes at a horrible time when “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” is so anticipated for its release.

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