“Dora and the Lost City of Gold”….. Why Is This A Thing?

Dora and the Lost City of Gold“, what a film. Some executive somewhere was probably watching “Dora the Explorer” with their children and had a genius idea to turn this into a movie. Now, I am not saying the film is bad at all, if you take the film for what it is for it is actually quite enjoyable, but the idea to make a live-action Dora the Explorer film, it still baffles my mind. That’s like making a live-action “Care Bears” film akin to the 2019 “The Lion King” with CGI bears.

I give credit to Isabela Moner who plays our plucky adventurer. She did a great job and had a lot to do considering she had to keep this childish innocence while also maintaining that Dora is now a teenager, she did a good job doing so. Her co-stars, besides Eva Longoria and Michael Pena who play her parents, were rather quite boring. Sporting the stereotypical high school character, where they just want to be popular and cool, they don’t give off any element of being 3 dimensional, instead being this 1 dimensional slate of boredom. Isabela Moner actually portrayed a character, and although her comedy at times fell a little short, even for the children comedy that it is, she did a pretty decent job portraying her as a character.

One thing I will give the film credit for is the comedic aspect of it. The comedy more often then not is childish comedy, not to much high brow stuff here, yet it’s a damn movie based on a children’s cartoon so what do you expect. If you take the film for what it is trying to be, it is actually quite funny both because it is trying to be while also not at the same time. There were moments when the film was meant to be funny, and there definitely moments when the film wasn’t yet still was. Bringing Dora into an Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider type of adventure is just hysterical to think about, and it kept me chuckling throughout the movie every time I thought about it.

The film also has this sense of drama, a type of drama only felt in the late 80’s to late 90’s era of family-adventure films. It felt akin to something like “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” although it didn’t quite catch that feeling perfectly. It somewhat felt like an imitation of that feeling, but not in a bad way. It is a great film for kids because that is the audience it was aimed towards, but for adults and parents, your opinions may differ. So, of course I recommend it, but to families looking for a nice day out with their kids, other than that you may not enjoy it.

Even though I recommend it to families, I am going to have to give it 3/5 stars. I’m giving it this rating because it is a good children’s film but as a film in general, by today’s standards, it falls just short of the mark. And I still can’t wrap my head around why someone would turn a Nickelodeon cartoon into a film.


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