“Doom Eternal” E3 Gameplay Trailer

Gore and violence, these are the words you think of when someone mentions id Software’s most famous game series, Doom. Not only does this game have 10 times the violence that its predecessor had, but it also has some intense ways to exploit that violence as well.

I imagine that when the developers for this game all met up to discuss what they could do different that only three words were said, “more violent” and “faster”. These words are words to live by when making “Doom Eternal”, what is the quickest and goriest way to kill demons? Well if you are asking yourself that question, don’t worry because Doomguy already knows.

Demons are not something to be feared in this game, but rather something that just gets in your way. With beautiful new graphics, there isn’t much to say about “Doom Eternal” other than run and gun.

Set to be released on November 22nd, 2019. Be ready for the violence, the carnage, and the mayhem as you blast your ways through hordes of demons on their home turf, Hell.

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