“DOOM” Devs Discuss Why The New DOOM Worked But The New “Star Wars” Didn’t…

A game thought to have died out in the 90’s is now bigger than ever! Set for a release date of March 20th, 2020, “DOOM: Eternal” is looking to be a glorified blood fest full of demon killing, and the developers have an idea on why it works out so well.

In a recent interview with IGN, “DOOM: Eternal” devs discuss what makes their DOOM games so lovable, and how they managed to bring back that nostalgic feeling of the 90’s version while also producing something brand new and entertaining for the masses; whereas, other major brands and companies struggle with doing that.

id Software (the production company behind DOOM) Executive Producer Marty Stratton had this to say about it:
I think, when you see brands, and they struggle a little bit… Like, some of the new Star Wars films, a lot of the fans aren’t happy, it’s because I don’t think that they’re cooking with the same ingredients,” Martin said. “And the real fans can pick up on that, and that means they won’t go with you… on the journey that you’re trying to take them on.

The key words being, “cooking with the same ingredients.” Many brands and franchises try to reinvent themselves but fail to recognize what the main ingredients in the recipe are. Of course you can toss in a couple new spices to add that extra kick, but all and all it comes down to the ingredients that make the recipe work in the first place.

Martin then went on to discuss how you have to figure out why people like what they do, “Once you can figure that out, like, ‘Why do people like Star Wars?’ Why does someone look at the new Corvette C8 and just have the reaction, ‘God, that’s gorgeous?’ I can tell you, for a fact, that the work that went into that was tremendous. If you understand what makes something tick, it’s that, ‘Oh my god, that is just awesome!’ That means we really got you, regardless of whatever it is.

id Software has gone on record many times on how they worked so hard to find out what made the original DOOM games so beloved. And they believe that they have found the perfect formula, for right now at least, as genres and trends change the company will have to figure out how to reinvent themselves again without losing those main ingredients.

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