DOOM: Annihilation… Haven’t They Learned From The Last Time

With a new trailer that lasts about 30 seconds, there isn’t much to say about this particular film except… wow. There are so many problems with this movie and the constant fighting between the fan base it is aimed at and the creators isn’t helping it in any way. I just have the question, why did they decide to try and make a new “Doom” movie after the original failed so horribly?

You know your movie is in big trouble when the developers of the video game series your movie is based on have gone on record saying they want and have nothing to do with the creation of the film. “Doom: Annihilation” will be a straight to video film directed by Tony Giglio, about a group of space marines that go to a Martian moon after receiving a distress call, only to find out the base has been attacked by demons. Taking inspiration from the game series of the same name by id Software, the movie seems like it has very little in common with the games other than the name.

The movie seems very low budget, having costumes that look like bicycle gear and weapons that look like spray painted Nerf guns. An upside to the movie seems like they are actually following the games and using demons instead of weird super mutant zombies like the 2005 version did. Another upside to the movie is that it might be focusing on these monsters and demons, putting most of the movies budget into creating their effects.

Overall the movie seems as though it won’t be that great and considering how video game movies do, I doubt this movie will be the exception. As mentioned before, another thing that brings down the film is the controversies brought up by the fighting between the creators and the fans. Nevertheless, 2019 seems like a big year for Doom, releasing both a film and the new game “Doom: Eternal“, both coming later this year.

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