Don’t Miss Alice Cooper’s New Single ‘Paranormal’

From Paranoiac Personalities To The Paranormal

Alice Cooper recently released the latest single (and title track) off of his upcoming album Paranormal and it’s already a classic!

Cooper‘s latest offering really brings back the sounds of old from albums like Alice Cooper Goes To Hell and Billion Dollar Babies. It’s the type of song that I wish Dick Wagner was still alive to perform on. With slick guitar lines and moody riffs, “Paranormal” showcases Alice doing what he does best. Take a look below…

Although I find his previous single “Paranoiac Personality” to be the stronger out of the two released tracks, “Paranormal” introduces a differing sound leaving me to wonder in excitement what this album is going to sound like.

Alice Cooper‘s latest album Paranormal will be released July 28th and is available for pre-order here. Don’t miss out!!

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