Disney Has Confirmed The Date To Start Fox Takeover

For nearly two years now we have heard about Disney trying to acquire Fox, but it has happened and it will soon be taking effect. What will we see when the mongol that is Disney acquires a rival entertainment outlet? Will this change the entertainment landscape? Does that mean Deadpool can be in the Avengers?

Back in December of 2017, Disney has been trying to acquire Fox. Nearly obtaining the company before Comcast came in with a larger offer, but alas Comcast couldn’t hold up to what Disney could pull out and flaunt to the company’s shareholders in July of 2018. Disney has now declared that on March 20th the takeover will begin.

Fox is a controller and stakeholder of the Hulu streaming service, FX and National Geographic, along with many others. And Disney, will now be acquiring all of that. With so many Fox properties and famous movie series, one would wonder if Disney will keep these series alive or change anything. The executives at Disney and Fox are talking about a formation called “Disney-Fox” that may keep these properties alive, and give Disney overall control.

I find it strange that the company known for famous series such as “Predator“, “Alien“, and “Avatar“, could just be absorbed like that. It’s semi-disorienting. But, I wait to see what will happen and if it will be any good.

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