Disney Pays Tribute To Late Actor Cameron Boyce In “Descendants 3” Premiere

It must have been a very hard moment for Disney when they released the premire for “Descendants 3“. Yet it must have been a somewhat happy moment as well, at the end Disney payed tribute to the young actor Cameron Boyce who passed away earlier this year.

The film, “Descendants 3”, was one of the final onscreen performances for Cameron, and the Disney family were going to make sure it was not forgotten. By playing a highlight reel of all of the best moments Cameron Boyce had while working for the Disney Channel, it reminded everyone of where Cameron got his start and how he was growing as an actor before his untimely death.

The highlight reel also showed off how funny Cameron was off the screen too, making his co-stars crack up from time to time with funny bloopers.

In between some of Cameron’s best moments, messages played that said:

Everything you are … every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched … you mean everything to us

It was truly sad but heartfelt tribute to a young man who dedicated most of his life to working with Disney and his love for acting, and it was a nice way to honor his memory.

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