Disney is Shutting Down Marvel Comics?

Everything started with a press release by Disney that has stirred up rumors Marvel Comics may be shut down, causing fans to lash out. If you have been paying attention lately, the comic book industry is not really taking the media market by storm right now. With problems stirring up at DC Comics at the moment, it seemed Marvel could potentially capitalize on this situation… but Disney seems to not think so.

With the recent explosions of comic book based media, Disney seems to be wondering if the market is even important anymore. Believing that comics rely on other sources such as the movies and television shows for their sales, Disney seems to want to cut out the product, believing it to not be worth the hassle anymore. This will lead them to focus more on the visual entertainment aspect of the Marvel brand.

With the announcement of a panel at SXSW called, “Marvel: From Comics to Screens”, it is said this panel is supposed argue about how the comics make the movies. Not the other way around. This panel will bring together Chief C.B. Cebulski and Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, to discuss this point and hopefully put an end to the fans confusion.

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