Did Tom Holland Hint At A Spider-Man And Venom Cross-Over Movie???

Mandatory Credit: Photo by ETIENNE LAURENT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10322475aw) Tom Holland poses for photos on the red carpet prior to the premiere of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, USA, 26 June 2019. The movie will hit the theaters in the US on 02 June. Spider-Man: Far From Home movie premiere – Arrivals, Hollywood, USA – 26 Jun 2019

Spider-Man has been dominating the headlines as of late. With Disney and Sony caught in an epic battle for the film rights to one of the most famous comic book superheroes of all time, anything could happen. Fans having been going crazy venting their frustrations and taking sides with either Disney or Sony. Yet, where does the actor who portrays Spider-Man stand?

Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker and Spider-Man recently spoke out about how Spider-Man is not in trouble and everyone needs to calm down. But… he may have said more than just that. Tom Holland said for everyone not to worry because Spider-Man is not going anywhere. And he may be starring opposite of another big movie Marvel hero.

Holland, who is known for his loose lips and spoilers, in a recent interview discussed the future of the friendly neighbor webslinger when it comes to the big screen. He says that the film will be “bigger” than ever and he also accidentally spoke about how it is a cross-over film. So perhaps it would be a Venom and Spider-Man cross-over film like many fans have been asking for. So Tom Holland will be working opposite of Tom Hardy in this new and improved live action version of Sony’s “Spider-verse”. Or if we are really lucky, maybe we will get a cross-over movie between all three Spider-Men featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

What are your thoughts on the potential that Sony will keep the Tom Holland train going? And if they are, do you think that they will make their very own live action “Spider-verse”? Leave a comment down below sharing your thoughts.

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