Did Cliff Booth Kill His Wife In Tarantino’s Latest Film? Brad Pitt Knows…

Whether you like Quentin Tarantino‘s latest film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood“, or not, you have to admit that Brad Pitt had stole the show and was by far the best part. Playing the stuntman Cliff Booth, who is based on Tom Laughlin in the franchise “Billy Jack“, Brad Pitt made the character. Sweet, charming, funny, and everyone’s best friend, Cliff Booth is the coolest guy you know. Even if he has a dark past.


In the film you find out that Cliff Booth is somewhat of an outcast in the movie and television business, especially around the stuntman community. Being blacklisted as a stuntman after rumors around his wife’s death pointed at him as the sole cause of her disappearance, it goes to show that bad publicity isn’t always good publicity. Accused by multiple people within the film of being a murderer, Booth just shrugs them off and doesn’t think anything of it. Because that’s the cool guy he is. Yet, it is left ambiguous as to whether or not he actually did.

In the film, Tarantino let’s us see a scene between Cliff and his wife that leads us to believe there may have been some foul play involved. The flash back scene starts on a boat out in the middle of the ocean, Cliff and his wife are there. Cliff’s wife, Billie Booth (Rebecca Gayheart), is belittling him as he just trying to suit up for a nice little dive into the cool blue ocean, he comes up from the bottom deck to finish getting ready and places his harpoon gun on his lap. His wife continues to belittle him, and it is then it leaves off there.

Sadly the film does not tell you whether or not Cliff silenced his nagging wife, but one person (besides Tarantino himself) knows if he did. Brad Pitt, in a recent interview with Los Angeles Times, was asked whether or not Cliff committed the dirty deed. Pitt laid back and laughed saying he would “never tell”. He gave his reasons stating the acts of the character in the end may be diminished if he does, and that he prefers the ambiguity. Of course, this makes people wonder more now. Perhaps Tarantino will come out and answer one of these days, or perhaps not. Maybe it is better unanswered. But one thing goes to show… Cliff Booth is awesome.

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