Developers Of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” Don’t Know How Disturbing It Will Be

A new serious take on the Modern Warfare series is its main selling point right now. Instead of a sequel to the famous Modern Warfare series we know and love, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” (2019) is set to be a “soft reboot” of the series. With more grit, gore, and shocking moments than the last. Yet, it seems the developers don’t know what line they can’t cross yet.

Trying to make the series more realistic and showing the horrors of warfare and the world around it, the developers of this game really are putting stress on that rated M for mature rating. We have been informed that one scene, shown at E3 2019, was removed due to making to many people feel uncomfortable.

The scene featured two Ursekstan girls (the ficitional country where some of this game takes place), and one is being held by a Russian soldier while the other is being inhabited by you, the player. The soldier makes a pedophilic comment about his commanding officer, stating that “he likes the young ones”. This scene was already very graphic, with you as the girl watching both your parents die moments before and managing to get a gun before using it. It is stated by the developers, that the scene no longer contains the pedophilia implications, but will contain some things that still make you squirm a bit in your seat, even without those implications.

Another scene shown was a terrible event in which you enter a house in London full of terrorists and innocent civilians. You will be playing as a soldier, a member of the special forces team, as your team infiltrates the house. The developers enforce the idea of being real and playing the part throughout this game, which will be evident in this scene. While going through the house, you find a woman holding a baby. This woman is a civilian and she is panicking. Now, you will not be able to shoot the baby and if you do the game will fail you, but you will be able to accidentally shoot the baby. Sadistic right? The game is supposed to make you feel bad about your actions, make you understand what it is like to be in war. Yet, the game has mechanics and codes that prevent you from being a sociopath and just being a man that sometimes makes mistakes, now whether or not those mistakes cost people their lives, that’s the harsh reality of this game.

The game will have different lines and dialogue based upon your actions and whether or not you are trying to be the best person. Based on this information alone, you can definitely say the developers are doing a great job at making it realistic. The game is said to be attempting to spark some sympathy and respect for soldiers and the innocent civilians within the war zones. Bringing real world issues into the mix at all different perspectives, the game wants you to experience these difficulties.

Set to be released on October 25th, 2019.

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