“Destroy All Humans!” Remake

THQ Nordic is everywhere lately. With remakes of classic and amazing games just flying all over the place. Now we have one of the funniest and fun to play games involving aliens, of all time. Along with an exciting and equally funny trailer to back it up comes to you the “Destroy All Humans!” remake we have all been waiting for.

Announced ahead of E3, this satirical game will be set in the same story and time as the original 2005 version of the game. Based in the 1950’s, you will be playing as the big baddy himself, the conqueror, the invader… Crypto-137. As Crypto, you will full access to his alien weaponry and superior alien powers, including telekinesis, the ability to harvest and probe human DNA, and many many more.

Deemed a cult classic, this is one of the three games that THQ Nordic said they would be announcing this week. With the first being “Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom” and the other being “Darksiders: Genesis”, a “Diablo” style game based in the Darksiders universe, where you will play as the Horsemen Strife. THQ Nordic is quickly making their way onto the video game scene as a big hitter, and said to have just less than 80 games in development as of May 22, there is nothing stopping the THQ Nordic train.

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