Deathstroke Is Finally Announced

Can You Guess Who?

joedeathstrokeAfter Ben Affleck put a video of our favorite blue and orange masked assassin, rumors have been buzzing over who will play this iconic character. Don’t get have a…STROKE…trying to guess who.

Joe Manganiello (star of True Blood and Magic Mike) has been officially confirmed as Deathstroke in the upcoming Justice League and for the Batman solo film thanks to the Wall Street Journal. Speculations of Manganiello arose after the actor followed Zack Snyder on Twitter and being spotted in London as well.

Deathstroke has been a huge part of DC storylines over the years in both the comics and television. I think it’s about time that he makes his cinematic premiere and what better way than in the long overdue Justice League film. Hopefully Manganiello makes a strong and lasting impression.