Deadpool 2 Shows Josh Brolin’s Gets Enhancements With Bionic Body Parts For His Role Of Cable


Deadpool 2 is currently filming in Canada, and fans have been gifted with a steady stream of behind-the-scene peeks at production, posted on social media. The Deadpool sequel will be adding some highly anticipated new characters from the X-Men comics to the X-Men Movie Universe – but the most anticipated new addition is no doubt Cable, who will be played by Avengers: Infinity War star, Josh Brolin.

According to, Brolin has kept step with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds when it comes to teasing fans with new images or videos from behind-the-scenes of Deadpool 2; however, this latest one is sure to get fans thoroughly excited!

Brolin took to Instagram to share a particularly telling new pic: he’s in a makeup chair getting prepared for what will be Cable’s iconic bionic enhancements!

Check out the photo, below:

Cable’s bionic facial implants, eye, and arm/shoulder all come from a “techno-organic virus” the time-hopping X-Man was infected with as a child. It’s a pivotal part of his backstory, and X-Men movie fans have been wondering how it will be adapted for the movie universe, as Cable’s comic book backstory is a convoluted story involving Cyclops, villains Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse, as well as a clone of Jean Grey.

With the X-Men movie universe introducing more fantastical elements like aliens during the upcoming slate of films (X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants), and time-travel already a part of the movie universe continuity (thanks to X-Men: Days of Future Past), having Cable’s traditional backstory is not at all out of the question – especially if Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) doesn’t survive the events of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and gets a clone replacement.

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on June 1, 2018.