“Dead & Breakfast” Revisited

By: Jacob Kelley

Movie Poster for Dead & BreakfastIs it a Musical?…A Horror?…A Comedy?…

Answer…All 3, and they even have a Musical Number to boot!

Growing up in a family where the supernatural and the horror genre are pretty much the mainstream of life, it seems only natural that I would follow in the family business.  So, here I am writing my first review about the Indie cult classic “Dead & Breakfast” released in 2006, and starring Jeremy Sisto (Christian), Erik Palladino (David), Bianca Lawson (Kate), Oz Perkins (Johnny), Ever Carradine (Sara), Gina Philips (Melody), David Carradine (Mr. Wise), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the (Sheriff). Directed by: Matthew Leutwyler

Synopsis: A road trip rolls through a small town where the line between the dead and the living has become a bit problematic in this horror parody. A handful of twenty somethings drive to Galveston, TX, in an RV to attend the wedding of a close friend. After a long day on the road, the travelers find themselves in a tiny town called Lovelock, where the only available accommodations are at a bed and breakfast run by the eccentric Mr. Wise (David Carradine). When clumsy Johnny accidentally breaks an ancient exotic wooden box belonging to Mr. Wise he releases the monstrous “Kuman Thong” an evil spirit who escapes and turns the local rednecks into bloodthirsty zombies hovering somewhere between life and death.  Add “The Mysterious Drifter” (Brent David Fraser), who seems knowledgeable when it comes to the history and how to destroy the “Kuman Thong”. Can they save the town and destroy the “Kuman Thong” before it’s too late? Spoiler Alert: You will have to watch it to find out.

Dead & Breakfast” doesn’t top of the list of great horror films.  But, it entertained me.  Between the camp, the abundance of blood (which I loved), and the unending anecdotes from Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the sheriff (“Can’t say I’ve ever been more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers, but I am more handy than a pocket on a shirt”), the movie gave me a lot to love.  I can’t forget the catchy musical numbers performed by Zachariah and the Lobos Riders (as singing gas station attendants).  They not only moved the scenes along, but I found myself singing them in the shower the next morning.

If you are a horror junkie like me and haven’t had a chance to watch Dead & Breakfast”, I highly recommend adding it your DVD collection. It’s a zombie movie that makes you laugh out loud.  

Click here to purchase the Dead & Breakfast DVD and here to check out the soundtrack.