DC’s Year Of The Villain Commences

From the great mind of the writer behind “The Batman Who Laughs“, Scott Snyder, comes DC Comics‘ big year event. The “Year of the Villain“. To be set off by none other than the mastermind to combat the world’s number 1 hero himself, Lex Luthor, but how?

To catch you up in a way, Lex Luthor has just faked his own death and divided his massive amount of money between the villains of the DC Universe, theoretically giving them a means to dispatch their hero counterparts. The story is set as the spark that will ignite other story lines for other villains in other comics. These villains can range from the minor like Cheetah in Wonder Woman to the massive like the Court of Owls in Batman and Nightwing. According to Snyder himself, not all villains will accept this generous donation, yet some can not resist it and even heroes may be susceptible to the lure of fortune at some points.

The big thing that Snyder is trying to point out with this over-arcing story line is: Can humans look out for themselves, or can we all look out for each other to achieve our goals? A question that Lex has been trying to answer for a very long time, believing that humans do not need the likes of heroes and that it only makes us weaker. This stems from Lex’s own thoughts and his problem with the fact that Superman is holding him back, or so he thinks. This whole event kicks off with Lex having a somewhat epiphany, where he realizes/believes that humans, as a race, can only achieve true happiness once they come to the conclusion that they are selfish and evil.

Lex has big plans, plans that will be fulfilled by others that him and it’s the start of a new reckoning within the DC Universe. I can’t wait to see how this plays out and see all these stories bleed into each other. It just creates the question… Is Lex right though?