DC Streaming And The Cancellation Of “Swamp Thing”

As mentioned before, the world at Warner Bros. and DC is in a massive change. With everything changing, some things are bound to get cancelled. One of these shows being “Swamp Thing“. DC is focusing on their streaming service immensely right now with a catalog of new to be released shows and a partnership in the works with HBO, a lot is happening, good and bad.

Here is the sad news, the ten episode series of “Swamp Thing” is just that, a ten episode series. The show has been cancelled, even after being received so well and being an interesting take on the superhero horror genre, which is not often explored within the mainstream audience.

The show was cancelled because of some dumb bureaucratic and pricing issues. If you do not know, when making shows and/or movies within a specific location, you are some times granted a tax rebate. This is a giant pile of money that a state will give to a movie or tv show that is filming in that state to keep filming in that state. This is good because it brings jobs and money and tourism to that state, think something along the lines of the Avengers series and Georgia. Now here is the problem, North Carolina (the state the show is filmed in) promised to pay for half of the production for the “Swamp Thing” show. The show comes out around $80 million, that would mean the state of North Carolina will be paying for $40 million just to produce 10 episodes. Now, the state of North Carolina seemed to have made a financial error and actually only paid for a little bit of that money that was promised. This caused Warner Bros. to have to pay more than they thought they would, which deemed the show to expensive.

But here is some good news. “Titans” has been renewed for a second season and that Netflix had bought the syndication rights for the show, allowing Warner Bros. to gain most of the money for that show from Netflix. In other great news, HBO will be working with Warner Bros. and the DC streaming service on “Watchmen“, the new highly anticipated HBO series. It is not known whether or not the show will appear on the streaming service along with HBO, but rumors and speculation seem to think so.

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