Dave Bautista Wants To Play A Batman Villain

Many actors have played roles for the two biggest comic book publishers in the world, often going from DC to Marvel. Examples of this can be Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, yet Dave Bautista wants to go the other way. Dave Bautista wants to be a Batman villain, although it might not be the one you’re thinking.

We all know that Dave plays Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be reprising his role in James Gunn‘s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3“, but is right now focusing on the new Suicide Squad film. This could be Dave’s connection to playing a major DC villain.

While fans have been casting actors to play certain villains and heroes, with most of them wanting a comic book accurate Bane played by Dave Bautista, Dave would actually prefer to play a different character.


Since this new trend of super villain only movies is most likely on the horizon, why not have a movie dedicated to one of Batman’s lesser known but complex villains. It could be a psychological thriller/action movie with his ability to transform into anything. Or if they are daring perhaps a horror movie similar to “The Thing“. Clayface is literally a character you can mold to be whatever you need him to be. So I am definitely on board with Dave Bautista as Clayface. Hollywood make it happen.

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