Daniel Craig Says A Woman Should Play The Next James Bond, Does This Confirm A Common Fan Theory?

With his fifth film as the titular character James Bond is about to round the corner, Daniel Craig says he will no longer be playing 007 in any sequels. So, with a series that will never die, and a legacy as a character that must be carried on, who will play the next super spy? Daniel Craig has some ideas.

With his fifth film set to release in 2020 and as the 26th film in the series, Daniel Craig will no longer play James Bond. With the quote “I think that ­everybody should be ­considered”, Daniel Craig has expressed his thoughts multiple times that he believes a woman should be his successor to the series.

This would make sense to common theory among fans of the series. A theory that says the character of James Bond is not just his name, but a code name. With the two code names 007 and James Bond, anyone could be MI6’s best super spy. The theory explains and originates from the fact that so many actors have played one character over the years, with no one within their films commenting on the fact that their faces keep changing. It would also explain why the character James Bond always gives his name, never giving an alias, hence the famous line “Names Bond, James Bond”.

This theory has existed for a long time and is also often tied to the movie “The Rock“, which also stars actor Sean Connery (the first James Bond). So, if you ever wish to find out more about this theory I suggest giving it a look. Though there are flaws with the theory, it would be an interesting one to be seen executed in the films. And as a fan of the films, I have been waiting for them to at least acknowledge it in the series.

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