Dan Blakeslee Channels Classic Americana With ‘The Alley Walker’!

His Roots Grow Fast and Run Deep

Although Dan Blakeslee and the Calabash Club‘s new record isn’t available until August 18th (you can pre-order it here), The Alley Walker digs deep into the heart and soul of American music! 

After listening to the record, I felt like I took a trip through the country taking every backroad possible. Every song has a new attitude and encompasses a different feel, yet they all come from the same place. Blakeslee’s voice also offers a welcomign vulnerability that would be associated with the street musicians and buskers (much like Dan himself) who sing in subway’s and on street corners. Having The Calabash Club set the backdrop to Blakeslee‘s classic songs didn’t hurt either. Musicians Mike Effenberger, Nick Phoneuff, and Jim Rudolf play and perform like they were born into folk, country, bluegrass, gospel, soul, blues…you name it, they can do it.

The first three tracks alone carry the timeless essence of Bob Dylan or The Band. Once you hit “Lonestar” though, you can hear the faint ocean waves hitting the sides of ships to the melody of this sea shanty. The change doesn’t stop there though. By the time “Lying On the Road” comes along, it gave me the sensation that I was driving through the back country trails in an indie movie. Each song gets better and better.

The Alley Walker is an album that cannot be missed. Everyone can enjoy this record. Young, old, music snob, casual listener…it doesn’t matter. Dan Blakeslee and the Calabash Club hit a nerve that every single person can relate to and THAT is what makes great music. Plus, the packaging is designed wonderfully and includes a poster (designed by Blakeslee himself) with lyrics on the back. The Alley Walker will be released August 18th and be sure to check out Blakeslee‘s website here.